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PredictSportz is an online portal engaged in publishing of the latest sports news, analysis, statistics, historical data and information, match results, trending predicts and all about match prediction as a core of our expertise.

PredictSportz launched in 2019, though we are a very young portal and is the first portal dedicated to the development of fair sports betting and forecasting results.  We develop and implement new ways to help predict sports results. Our research and analysis are focused on the media, sports companies, and the general public. The predictions that we publish are made using historical and statistical analysis of sporting events. It is our aim to anticipate as accurately as possible the probability of sporting results with over 540,000 results analyzed,

We select and analyze sports betting sites through a unique algorithm and methodology in order to evaluate the quality of an online betting site in six criteria that we believe are of utmost importance for an online bettor.

This knowledge focuses on the disposition of the general public through the website, which contains all the necessary information to make better sports throughout a calendar year, we offer over  72,000 free tips and forecasts on a wide range of sports including football, tennis, horse racing and rugby with over 55,000 on football alone. These sporting previews and forecasts are read by a community of more than 144,000 users!

Our Areas of expertise are here as under:

Match Predictions
Sports Analysis 
Betting tips
Online Bet Operators review and analysis
Sports live info and updates
Online Gaming and other useful information
Bet on sports 

If you are a blogger or journalist and would like to contact any of our team to answer your questions or be interviewed, do not hesitate to contact us.

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